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Jenny Johnson

Jenny Johnson possesses over 20 years of extensive maritime experience both at sea and ashore. She passionately advocates for a diverse, inclusive, and secure maritime industry. Throughout her time at sea, she encountered remarkable experiences that allowed her to travel the world, but unfortunately, she also faced gender-based harassment, discrimination, and violence. Her invaluable firsthand encounters have driven her to dedicate her career ashore in raising awareness regarding sexual harassment, assault, and all types of discrimination within the maritime sector. Jenny firmly believes that a career at sea should be accessible to all individuals. She aspires for every vessel to serve as an environment free from any form of harassment and discrimination, fostering a workplace that respects and appreciates the multifaceted nature of diversity.


Jenny possesses certification as a human resources professional and possesses a profound knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) specifically tailored to the unique demands of the maritime industry. She has successfully led numerous initiatives to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment, thereby establishing herself as a highly regarded expert in this field. Additionally, she holds credentials as a victims' advocate and crisis response further demonstrating her dedication to supporting and empowering those who have experienced such unfortunate situations.

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